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A shattering invasion by hostile Aliens has begun. Für 2 Spieler. Spiel in englischer Sprache mit deutschem Regelheft.
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The game is set on earth in the year 2127 - the future. A shattering invasion by a terrible enemy has begun. The players control two totally different powers one year after the start of the invasion: one controls an unyielding alien invasion force (the Invaders) and the other controls Mankind.
Can Mankind stop the deadly invasion plan?

Invaders is an asymmetric card game for two players. One player (Mankind) is trying to defend themselves against the attacks of the other player (the Invader). The cards have English text and Dutch rules. In this way there is more game experience with the convenience of the Dutch rules. Stunning artwork of CheChu Nieto. A lot of cards contains special rules that makes surprising twists possible. The game is designed as an complete game with high replay ability. As you gain more experience in the game, you can build your own deck out of card from expansions and/or promo cards. There are several ways to win this game, which makes the plot turn out always different than what you expected.

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